7 Ways to Find More Writers for Your Content Marketing Strategy

You have your entire content strategy mapped out and it looks great on paper. As you begin to shift from planning mode into execution mode, reality starts to sink in. How are you going to get all of this content written?

Before you cut back on the strategy you just finished or make a Costco run for more Red Bull, consider some additional places where you may be able to source more support (some free, some paid) to keep your strategy on track. 

As you go about this, it is important to remember that while this may feel like you are inconveniencing others, more often than not people are happy to have an opportunity to contribute, promote their company, build their personal brand, etc. and you are actually doing them a favor. 


Freelancer Sites

Upwork & Fiverr are probably the most commonly used resources when companies need to find freelance writers. Both marketplaces are quite large at this point so it may take more time to filter through your options to find the right folks but overall, there is a lot of talent available here. 

Content Writing Platforms

While the cost of using services like WriterAccess is higher, you also have the convenience of writers being vetted and curated for you so that you don't have to spend as much time sifting through your options like you do with freelancer sites. 

Industry Publications

One of the best places to find good writers for your company's content is to look at the freelancers that are already writing content for your industry. Gaining the necessary context and industry knowledge is the most challenging part in working with freelance writers so finding folks that already have this down means they will likely be able to jump right into any project you give them. 

Niche Job Boards

If you want to cast a wider net, you can post freelance jobs on sites like ProBlogger and find the most qualified candidates who have expressed an interest in working with you. This can be an effective way to find folks you wouldn't have been able to find otherwise, but also requires time up front to review applications and connect with candidates. 



I would venture that most companies are not fully leveraging their own people enough when it comes to content creation. Again, this is a group with a strong knowledge of your industry and product that is also motivated to help the company succeed. It is common to only look within the Marketing team but what about others that are selling against competitors, supporting customers or creating your products? How could their knowledge and experience align to your content strategy?


Not every customer will be right for the task nor will they all want to do it but you definitely have customers that would love the chance to share their perspective and gain more exposure for their own business. 


Spend a little time thinking through the partnerships your company has and you'll likely be able to find a handful of options to contact about contributing content. Think through integration partners, marketing partners, channel partners and others to consider who may have a unique perspective on the content you have planned.