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More about me.

I am a technical and analytical startup marketer with 12+ years of experience helping companies acquire more customers.

I was the first marketer at Sprout Social where I spent over 8 years building and scaling the inbound engine, helping grow the company from $0 - $80M+ in revenue. In this time, I have led a variety of areas including SEO, content marketing, paid advertising, conversion rate optimization, marketing automation, data & analytics, web development and more.

I enjoy working with marketing and sales leaders (and early stage founders) to solve hard problems and scale revenue growth.


What others are saying.

Nate is the best startup marketer in Chicago. He makes digital marketing a science, has a deep understanding of how to drive revenue growth and is brutally honest with companies to help them continuously maximize results.
— Ryan Leavitt, CEO @ Pillar
Nate has the unique ability to understand complex business challenges and develop targeted, specific marketing solutions that drive real results. He brings a rare blend of operational excellence and strategic insight, combining it with a collaborative style that works well across teams and functions.
— Scott Brandt, EVP Marketing @ Yello
Not only can he come up with incredibly innovative ideas, but he is sure to explore and map those thoughts like a marketing cartographer. He sees all of the pieces and builds blueprints that can be executed on seamlessly across multiple organizations, stakeholders and teams. Very rarely do you find an individual who can come up with brilliant ideas AND empower individuals and teams to execute on those ideas.
— Michael Patterson, Former co-worker @ Sprout Social
Nate is an incredible problem solver. He understands the challenge, dissects it with precision, and creates meaningful solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. He is masterful at growing top-line revenue with marketing efficiency. And, knows what it takes to do so at several growth stages.
— Jamie Gilpin, CMO @ SPROUT SOCIAL