Marketing & revenue growth services.

Quality consulting services conveniently packaged to provide you with a fixed-cost service that drives real results. If you don’t find anything that fits your needs, feel free to contact me to discuss a custom option to fit your business.


90-Minute Strategy Call

Sometimes you just need someone that understands the position you are in and what lies ahead to get a gut check on strategy or work through some problems with you. This call will give you that, and more importantly, leave you more confident in your plans than you were 90 minutes earlier.

Strategy calls are $699. PURCHASE NOW.


Marketing Performance Audit

Need a second opinion on the health of your marketing performance? In this audit, I will review any and all data related to marketing-generated revenue. From the top of the funnel through to revenue and everything in between. I will provide you with a PDF report of my finding, areas of concerns, where I think there is opportunity and overall recommendations.

Audit packages begin at $4,500. LEARN MORE.


Strategic Consulting

I will come alongside you and your team and be an added strategic resource for several months. We’ll do regular calls to review strategy and prioritization as well as 90 or 120 minute working sessions to review data, discuss tactical execution and brainstorm ideas for continued testing and growth. I will also provide monthly reporting, if necessary, to help facilitate the data review and strategy discussions.

Strategy engagements begin at $5,000/mo. Minimum of 3 months. LEARN MORE.


Monthly Marketing Leadership

If you need an experienced marketing leader to help support you through a period of growth or fundraising, or an interim leader while you are searching for the next full-time leader, I will join in a fractional VP/CMO role to help drive the team and the business forward until you are ready for me to ramp up your full-time leader and then step back. This includes strategy, people management, collaboration with other departments and monthly performance reporting.

Leadership engagements begin at $10,000/mo. Minimum of 4 months. LEARN MORE.


Marketing Due Diligence

For companies and private equity firms considering acquiring a company or venture capital firms considering investing in a company, I am available to audit the company in consideration. This includes reviewing marketing performance data, marketing tech stack, team structure and interviewing some or all of the marketing team. I will provide a full report on my findings, concerns and recommendations.

Due diligence reports begin at $15,000. LEARN MORE.


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